White with pink mask erosus

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Sugar beet beans or manioc (cassava) has a mild sweet taste, cool bar. In addition to being eaten alive, the tubers in the processing of dishes such as shrimp sauteed with normal, soup, stew, salad ... just cool, just added. But not everyone knows, erosus has the effect of health care, effective skin whitening!

Sugar beet and sour beans

Yogurt B vitamins such as protein, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, which helps the metabolism, energy metabolism and increase resistance. Yogurt not only the aforementioned nutrients but also help the skin injuries heal quickly. tubers legumes also contain more nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C ... necessary for the body. limbs help keep skin moisture, making the skin smooth, avoid chapped.

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Tubers are skin whitening effects quickly.

Take a moderate erosus pureed mix with yogurt smeared before going to bed about 30 minutes for absorbent are nutrients into the skin. Persistent skin will perform radical and smooth over.

The juice erosus

Dehydrated onion peas by the camera, then use your hands or a cotton DAB mixture evenly onto the skin take the face or hand skin gets chapped during round 1of 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water. The mask can be used 2 times a week.

Face by erosus

Cut thin slices erosus then up side up for about 20 minutes, just do so about 2-3 times/week white pink skin will.=

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