Man, the ... blade version.

Many times, I pity your ignorance forever time absurd single freely in, was living comfortably in its sole discretion without being pressed, mound teach as a student of your wife, no. ..

(Phunutoday)-appointments eat dinner with the family of his wife has passed more than 20 minutes, so that the paint is still đủng the top spot yet, bear paws step out of the House. Meanwhile, the wife, the frustrating waiting because her husband, nhổm clicks. Crazy guts, she sharply noise: "session man lamina up.". Just overheard her husband, he hastily threw shoes, smiled as the States: "remember! Yourself told me remember! ". [links]

Teach my husband to ... skewed both stereotypes

Picture 1 of Man, the ... blade version. Photo 1 of Man, the ... blade version.

Listen to my wife: "beautiful face beautiful face rather than anyone!", he Painted if continue to endure. (Artwork)

The news you're married makes both friends are a phen. They were sure that his Son and sister love Constant and will pass quickly by her two completely opposing, exactly like "the Moon, the Sun".

While Mrs. Jennylyn is a famous teacher, Stern, digital computer and the whole bridge to friends or sister banter: "It exposed towel must also bring out two scales for measuring ruler-edge!"; then he painted was a construction engineer extremely negligent, not xùi, diffusion from pants to shirts in fine dining in.

That fate run that risk, you have to please each other and then go to the marriage. Mrs. Jennylyn love Painting first in the "true count". He, xởi lởi and honest to everyone around you.

Song, what kind of computer, you can't "crush". Back in love, be my sister many suggestions, I also slightly modified, but still can not Chin chu was her Constant desire, has many times, I do Buddha's sister.

However, because confident in your "education" of his, decided to award the whole his life for you. Right from the days of living in a home, she has cherished the intention he forged into the mold. Is an excellent teacher many years, always consider that: "no one is unable to teach!", so she decided to teach her husband.

Ago, when independent, he painted the familiar routine thrown around, where to map it, but from his wife, he took her on a vacation to the same sister "total sanitation" and rearrange the whole nest of two people, the right to work which is considered extremely private England She was also Ganges, overturning.

She caught Britain rearrange bookshelves in order of the alphabet. He opens all new half-folded done, sweat still flow net, whinny hửng idea of "exit", then it was my wife getting folded because ... not yet properly from high to low. I do anything well being wife "check, monitoring".

He finished brushing, she xộc back into the bathroom to check whether you have exposed the real face towels neatly does not. I finished reading the book, my sister back against nạnh stuffing view he has lined up in the right place is not real ... Right to both his Son dress story also being crude intervention Constant sister.

Every time I step out on the street with his wife called shock back họe: almond which is not let in Star shirt in pants? Why are pants take 2 cups? Why shoes are still sticky soil? Top hair star still clearing ruffled? Beard shaving was still alive, why few strands? Through "moderation" of his wife, he's tired also, no where to go, jewelry vapour that is not to mention that you often go to work late because his wife caught this coat change, change the pants ...

Due to the particularity of career, he Painted regularly to work in the fields, exposed to a variety of smoke dust. When home, he usually clinging clothes full of dirt, scale back the sleeves and neck because of the sweat, for every to see my husband's sister in Constant back-up, sounding speakers talking to Xinhua he not know preserving, unhygienic, bring about pollution.

So, before you go to work, I usually don't forget to put the English pair a dedicated table clothes to you ... self clean before coming home. Every evening, when you step through the door you have panic ran out to check whether he was really clean.

Just the pants do you still cling to a narrow sand or Austria he United Kingdom a bit the dust as she will immediately start up, even for husband are tired because they lử after a stressful working day, struggled. Listen to his wife complain much, he Painted gloomy, has played no less angry, he located his wife again, but she still loudly that:

"Beautiful face beautiful face rather than anyone!", he Painted if continue to endure. Many times, I pity your ignorance forever time absurd single freely in, was living comfortably in its sole discretion without being pressed, mound teach as a student of your wife, no value for macho side.

"The blind out of the rain"

Which used to seem bare, rũa press-style into a "dude" at grooming, glossy Paint, he sighs. But the waving forever still not going by the wife rules set out, crazy, to general encyclopedia picking back fear angry wife, that each time my wife angry, then you are OK.

He tossed the thought throughout the night, a bright, he turned up early, face open out or search for Hon. From the day, surprised by her husband sees progress. You don't let me have to remind anyone what from the living to the dress.

Every step out of the House as he looks like a gentlemen, essential appearance from top to heel, not immaculately. Mrs. Jennylyn just Italy. Have each one thing do you little bother, that is somewhat slow, pace than usual in the account prepared for clothes.

Song she thought it was just small talk, gradually, when on, will you fold more agile. But more than a month has passed and you still haven't Painted "into the fold". He has pace, đủng top, slowly like at first, even, increasingly tends to "da DAO", care of yourself more thoroughly.

Before leaving home, you have to watch his back watching the mirror to exactly half an hour. Despite his shirts his wife was flat briquettes away minutes from phiu, but he is still not assured, before even a little once again is also required to ensure the shirt you wear entirely without a wrinkle.

The shoes you should go to the mirror balls are just the tip of shoes were a blur as he explicitly refuses to step out of the way. Every morning, the own personal hygiene and clothing he had lost up to two hours.

You see the longer claws and pace than your wife makeup, eating the shipping dresses. Did not know how many times, being late for work because wait my husband go. She grumbled then laughed hềnh hệch: "I told you to Chin chu!", that is the constant bitter, no longer choking sister speak a Word.

But fears that angry inside my sister couldn't resist holding your longer anymore when on the occasion of year-end, his parents had him offer his son-in-law and wife you turned to feed the machine. He Painted for that this is a special occasion should be ready from 2 hours before, you don't know what song that has a 20 minute appointment, he too was still not yet ready.

You keep around out on off select back select pants shirt. Select the interested then, he miết her sitting flat for phiu duty, picked up each of the cotton fibre stickiness on the canvas with a left the accompanying redness aspect ratio and extraordinary patience.

England head for grooming sleek real hair, leaving the hair fiber is not the correct place, right to the English throne road to turn back few times real straight medium new Italy. To the tie, he is not assured to the wife should do themselves, but the belts again to four, five times that has not been as expected. Mrs. Jennylyn then impatiently, out looking wall clock back to bat your wristwatch.

She runs out of lyrics that he does retire đủng urged the Summit, that: "to Chin chu, because I said so!". Foreign diplomats sat waiting for bowel, continuous hot also rice calls the phone reminded, he still Paints "the average foot as draught". He is busy cattails back shoes for real ball.

See my husband just doesn't like omen, i.e. too chaotically, "session man lamina up.". Just overheard, he painted the celebrated as catch gold, threw shoes and slippers, wrinkled smile: "remember! How your mind! ".

And yet, he quickly recorded the words his wife do to the room after this, every time being "work out", you will get out as evidence. From day one the party's amulet, his life had "easy breathe" over.=

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