The reason you never moulding acne

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Acne develops as to how

Photo : The reason you never moulding acne

The reason you never moulding acne You absolutely should not moulding acne.

Sometimes, hair, sebum and skin cells along the back into a steak pitches. Bacteria in nodules that steak cause swelling. Then when the pitches that steak began breaking, acne development.

There are many types of acne. The most common are the following categories:

Whiteheads. These pimples under the skin surface.

Blackheads. The acne skin surface grows up and this looks black. This black is not caused by dirt.

Nodules: this is the small pink swollen nodules which can be fragile.

Pustules: The Red acne at the legs and have pus on top.

Acne acne: the wrap this big, painful, hard and beneath the skin.

Cystic acne: this deep pain, acne, The pus-filled and may leave scarring.

Why should not the crafting of acne

Cause infection: we hand contains a lot of bacteria that the naked eye cannot see, fashioning count acne bacteria will transmit from the wrap to the skin, making acne flare on a wide scale with the original and more dangerous. When moulding the acne, the substance left in Acne on the skin will make the surface of your skin injury and can have the harmful to the pores on your skin. T rong serious cases, skin infection will be the direct consequence when you try moulding acne.

Acne develops much more: K hi you moulding acne due to the fact the moulding pimples may contribute to the spread of acne on the skin of your face.

Nerve damage: one of the main reasons preventing you from moulding acne acne or thank you in the nose is the pain that you suffered. Acne can grow in very sensitive areas, many of the nerve or in the location hard dough, if you try moulding can suffer pain and affect the nerves.

How to prevent acne

-Dermatology specialists of leading Richard Fried in Yardley, Pennsylvania: "You do anything to help the body was relax in the best way. It will help you reduce acne ".

-The dependable moulding pimples can inadvertently break the Sebaceous follicle contains a lot of bacteria and cause serious damage to your skin. Dependable moulding pimples do not ensure longer causing the inflammation spread to drive healthy, even skin infection easily cause pustules-this type of acne scarring on skin deep, easy.

-When sweating more, you remember to wash your face clean to limit the accumulation of dirt, sealing principle on skin and acne formation. Add to that the limitations facial touching is required, usually by hand contact with more dirt and bacteria on contact with the face of the will is the cause of acne.